Michael Hand

Managing Partner, Shoreline Equity Partners

"Accurent has been a value-added partner throughout my career in private equity. The principals at Accurent co-invested on a highly successful acquisition at my prior fund, PNC Riverarch Capital and I was impressed with the teams’ ability to move quickly through diligence and closing. Accurent continues to work with my new fund, Shoreline Equity Partners, providing a steady source of quality deal referrals in the services, specialty distribution and niche manufacturing industries."

Rehan Huda

CEO, Green Sky Labs

"I have worked with the Accurent team for close to 2 years, advising my biotech Company, Green Sky Labs. The team successfully placed $170M in equity financing from a US-based hedge fund and has been instrumental in navigating institutional investor relationships and strategic partnership discussions in the US and Europe. I look forward to continued engagement with the Accurent team as GSL, and its subsidiary My Next Health, position for IPO in 2022."

Dr. Donald Basile

CEO, Roman DBDR; CEO, Monsoon Blockchain

"I have worked with Will Corbett and the Accurent team for many years, serving as a strategic advisor to Roman DBDR, a $236M SPAC trading on NASDAQ, and raising equity capital for Monsoon Blockchain. The team has significant experience with the markets in which Roman DBDR and Monsoon operate and has been a steady source of capital introduction to well-matched, like-minded, capital partners."

Paul Misir

Managing Partner, Notos Capital; Former CEO, Twenty@

"The Accurent team was an early investor, coming in strongly for $400K in the seed round of our mobile search startup. Will Corbett proved to be not only a value-add investor and board member, but a long-term supportive one. As Managing Partner of Notos Capital over the past several years, Accurent is one of my first calls for strong venture and private equity financings."

Maxim Serezhin

CEO, Standard Power

"I have engaged with the Accurent team on many ventures throughout the years and am currently working with them to raise equity capital for Standard Power. Will has been extremely helpful in navigating the complexities of the institutional cryptocurrency market and introducing value-add investors with a clear understanding of this unique space."

Robert Couch

Former COO, Alternatives Direct

"The Accurent team invested $1mm into the Alternatives Direct seed round. As a member of the board, Accurent added tremendous value in helping to shape the strategic vision of the company and the development of its distribution network of financial services partners."

Michael Harris

Co-Founder, Livery Loans and CNH Limousine

"I co-founded CNH Limousine and Livery Loans with Will Corbett. He sourced $510K in seed capital for Livery Loans from three prominent family offices and personally invested $200K into CNH Limousine, a predecessor to Livery Loans. The investments were critical in developing and growing the businesses at an early stage."

Ron Elitzur

Founder, SPORTalk

"Will led the SPORTalk team as interim CEO from 2018-2019. He was instrumental in helping to grow the user base, develop new product features and manage the intern program which consisted of thousands of college applicants throughout the U.S. Through his capital network, Will brought investments from two prominent angel investors."

Douglas Wu

Managing Partner, Whitwell Partners

"I have worked with the team at Accurent over the past several months on a technology-enabled asset management platform investment. We are excited to go to market in 2020, anticipating the on-boarding of significant capital to the platform from the family office, RIA and HNW channels."

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