Livery Loans Financial Services

As part of the fleet partner account structure, Livery Loans utilized the UBER payment architecture, as well as proprietary loan servicing software, to lock-box principal and interest repayments thus providing significant protection against defaults from a subprime lender pool.  

In 2017, Livery Loans launched a loan program in Illinois as a licensed lending institution with the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Livery Loans provided income based, non-FICO loans, to Illinois residents ages 18+. The program was incredibly successful and with quality underwriting guidelines, Livery Loans was able to minimize defaults and operate a profitable loan book.

In 2019 Livery Loans wound down operations due to increased regulatory hurdles and the introduction of many competing short-term loan products from the rideshare community. The company enjoyed a stellar track record and helped thousands of clients and their families over its 6 year operational history.

“I co-founded CNH Limousine and Livery Loans with Will Corbett. He sourced $510K in seed capital for Livery Loans from three prominent family offices and personally invested $200K into CNH Limousine, a predecessor to Livery Loans. The investments were critical in developing and growing the businesses at an early stage.”


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